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Management Team

Management Team

Here at Hengoed Court we are very proud of our Management & Staff and continually invest in their development. Many of our staff have been with us since we opened.

Nicola Williams

General Manager
As General Manager of Hengoed Care, my role is to support the management teams in Hengoed Court and Hengoed Park, providing oversight and working on innovative strategies for improvement. My qualifications include the QCF Level 5 in Leadership and Management, ILM Level 7 in ICT and Strategic Leadership, and a Level 5 Chartered Management Institute Coaching and Mentoring qualification. I am committed and passionate about supporting our teams in their ongoing personal development and leadership, helping equip staff to provide the highest level of care to the people who live with us. I love being able to improve the quality of life for our residents. I’m a firm believer in sharing learning and expertise with other care providers to help develop and improve standards across the sector. I grew up at Hengoed Court - it was once our family home. My father, Mr Desmond Davies, founded the family business in 1987 and I work alongside him today. When I’m not in work I love reading books and spending quality time with my family. For me, Hengoed Care’s most important values are all about building relationships and a sense of community – our focus is on kindness, professionalism, integrity, and innovation.
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Lynne John

Manager for Quality
I’ve worked at Hengoed Care for seven years. I’m a registered nurse with an MSc in Nursing and MA in Healthcare Law and Ethics. My work involves looking at standards of care and developing policies and guidelines to help staff with their day-to-day roles caring for the residents. I also meet with relatives and residents about any questions or concerns they may have. Before coming to Hengoed Care, I was Head of Nursing for Swansea Bay University Health Board. I took early retirement from that role and was looking for a meaningful new challenge. As soon as I visited Hengoed Care I knew I wanted to work here; the values of the management team resonated with me – I could see they had a high standard of care and that they were open to new ideas and constantly working on ways to improve their service. They offered me a unique job focussed on driving up standards, and I love it. I enjoy the relationship between members of the management team – we’re a small team and if one person doesn’t know the answer there will be someone who does or who gets you on the path to solving the problem. You’re never isolated – we all talk a lot and help each other. When I’m not in work you can find me cold water swimming, or maybe paddle boarding – a sport I took up during the coronavirus lockdowns. I also love spending time with my three-year-old granddaughter Sylvie – she’s my joy! For me, Hengoed Care is all about teamwork – we work together to provide the best care that we can.
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Nina Yapp

Care Home Manager of Hengoed Park Care Home
As Care Home Manager I lead the Hengoed Park team and ensure that we all do our very best to support the safety and wellbeing of our residents. I’ve worked here for 15 years – I joined Hengoed Care as a night shift care worker, and with the support of my managers I was able to progress all my way up until I became a manager myself. Along the way I completed QCF level 2,3,4 and 5 qualifications in social care leadership and management and also hold a Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications - and here I am now! I’ve always loved working in care, which began at the age of 16 – Hengoed Care are an absolute delight to work for. No two days are the same and we all pull together as a team, working to make sure our residents get the very best care and support. In many ways we’re like an extended family. I always like a laugh – and when I’m not in work, my hobbies include spending time on the beach with my daughter Imogen and my two French bulldogs Pepsi and Rocco.
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Tim Williams

I’ve worked at Hengoed Care for over 30 years. As one of the directors I do pretty much anything that is needed – from recruitment, training and coaching to looking after the inside and outside of the building and helping the residents with the gardening in the summer months. I’m qualified to deliver the in-house training for our staff and to look after the health and safety on site. I spend a lot of time updating my training to ensure I’m ahead of any changes in rules and regulations. I love engaging with staff, residents, and family members to overcome any issues that arise, and I love delivering training that ensures our staff reach their full potential. Another huge motivator for me is helping our residents to lead full, happy, engaged lives in which they have fun and make lots of treasured memories. In my spare time I like to keep active. I love paddle boarding and surfing, and in 2012 I was lucky enough to carry the Olympic torch for a leg of its journey. I got to keep it and it’s on display in Hengoed Park. The vision and values at Hengoed Care can be summed up very simply: each of us cares for our residents as if they are our own relatives. We constantly ask ourselves, “If it was my mum or grandad, what would I want for them?” and that drives our approach to care.
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Melanie Harris

Registered Manager of Hengoed Court
I joined Hengoed Care in 2021 as a clinical manager for Hengoed Court, which is our home for residents who need nursing care. I’m a Registered Nurse and a qualified social worker as well, and I’ve been in management for eight years. My day-to-day work involves ensuring safe delivery of care and making sure all staff training is up to date. I also focus on helping our team to grow their careers, supporting them with their Social Care Wales qualifications. At Hengoed Care we’re passionate about helping our teams fulfilled their full potential. Before taking my current role, I was a nurse assessor for Swansea University Health Board. As part of that role, I came to Hengoed Care to do a review and I remember being struck by the warm family atmosphere as soon as I walked in. Everybody was lovely, so when I reached a point where I was looking for a bigger challenge, I jumped at the chance to join the team here. I love my job because I put in 100 percent, and I get 200 percent back. Families trust us with the care of their loved ones, and that’s an honour. I get overwhelmed listening to the amazing life stories of our residents – it’s such a pleasure to work with them. I’m a bubbly person - quite chatty and outgoing. I like to create a happy home and really put my personality into it. I like people to walk in and feel the happiness – it’s such a great atmosphere that I recently moved my own mother-in-law here. At Hengoed Care we’re very focused on making sure we provide a high standard of care every day. The whole team goes above and beyond – nothing is too much trouble for them, and that level of care is extended to the residents’ families too. We’ve got a beautiful nature park – the whole focus is on happiness; we’ll hold parties for big events like the Queen’s birthday and we always remember that we are guests in our residents’ home – not the other way round.
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